Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too much of a good thing? Institutional and individual responses to emerging technologies

Steve Boneham and Will Allen
Spoilt for choice with Wb 2.0 so are we happy and productive?
Do individuals want this stuff embeded beyond the niche?
Uncertain perpetual beta (Shift happens media intervention!)
Inst big stick? or individual carrot?
Do people think I'm an evangelist or nutter? (Aah!) Credibility - how do you manage credibility?
Is the grass always greener?
(Lovely use of photographs with these simple questions - cliched but clear)
Now open discussion: how is it for you? Break out....

------------Break out feedback--------
Individual perspective:
Individuals want to do what they do at home at the inst (expectations)
IPR, data management, copyright - individuals need to be aware
Institutions should make it clear where they can get answers but not necessarily set about training everyone.
Institutions needs to manage user expectations
Q: Is there a changing relationship between the academic and the institution? How does this affect the institutional tie?
Educational development perspective:
How do you measure the educational value
How do you breaking down the student/academic power relationships?
Using students as a resource to do educational development on emerging technologies. If students know more or are more inspired they could be brought in to flag up the need for change
Create an induction facility for new students.
Institutional perspective:
Many bottle necks
How do measure the benefits (at the end of the prod line or ongoing)
This is a poor session. The questions are two big and complex and people are doing a lot of superficial note comparing rather than delving.
Leeds Met have outsourced their email to Google mail. I know that others are doing this too.


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