Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Authentic Critical Reflection: Critique_It in Second Life

Michael Connors, Associate Professor, Digital Printmaking, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abstract: Critique_It is an online virtual classroom critique system originally developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Croquet and ported to Second Life. The critique is a rudimentary instructional methodology in the arts that can be applied to most other disciplines. Critique_It provides an environment for simulating authentic learning strategies and allowing the possibility for feedback from peers and experts from outside the campus.


My notes

Student exhibition in SL. Old style grand Vic gallery.

They've developed a HUD (Heads Up Display). The HUD features information about each work of art in the gallery and links to further information. It links out to a wiki they've set up to record the seven stages of the critiquing process the students undertake.

He's sharing SLURLs eg:

Wiki is actually not a wiki - its a bb called punBB (free, open source available at:

This appears to be an NMC sponsored project. Access to the SLURL is available to NMC members.

Brave/confident user of SL to do this live!

They're also using a mediawiki as a #gallery space' ie articles and pix.
Student exhibitions are certainly good examples of authentic learning and Second Life heightens it. He just said that students can sell their work in SL and presumably can to real world sales from there too?
Cost of setting up this gallery and exhibitions? - The space in SL funded himself to begin with. Wants an island for the University. Then had some TQEF-type funding. Started in Croquet which was very expensive and time consuming. Decided to migrate to an environment that was already fabricated. Now confident about moving to other environments. He mentions that both Google and eBay are working on 3DVWs.
He has drawn upon programmers from NMC who built the HUD.
We ought to think about demo spaces beyond the art student eg what would a poster session look like in SL? perhaps uing SL as a dress rehearsal space for peer review?
Time to go.


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