Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Digital Documentaries Using Primary Access

Bill Ferster, Director, Primary Access, University of Virginia
PrimaryAccess ( is a Web 2.0 digital tool developed at the University of Virginia's Center for Technology and Teacher Education that allows teachers to integrate primary source documents into the curriculum through student-created digital documentaries. This session will demonstrate the tool and discuss its use in the K–12 classroom to stimulate participant ideas for transferability to higher education.

My notes

He uses word 'frictionless' (I use the Red Button for the same thing) - basically technology without technoligical inteference - user friendly design for non-techies.

I love the tool. We saw this in earlier session. Reminds me of VoiceThread (which we can't get a free licence for).

Primary Access is teacher driven exercise.

You can do similar thing with iMovie/WMM and Google Images but this is a firehose approach (ie tool too powerful and media is unmediated I suppose)

This is Web 2.0 type tool. Tool has built-in voice recorder

The tool he's describing is great. It would be brilliant for DST.

Web-based so finished work can be shared widely.

It can connect to Flickr as well as specified local repositories or other academic sources of images.

It has a great built-in image zooming tool that works like Camtasia Studio.

Stories or shows are published and shareable via a URL. I would love this tool!

Wow! It's free and opensource:

They're also working on a tool called MediaMixer - a more open ended tool for integrating various media.


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