Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Integrating Community History, Technology, and Service Learning: The Digital Durham Project

Trudi Abel, Director, Digital Durham Project, Duke University
This presentation focuses on a collaborative local history project between Duke University undergraduates and Durham eighth graders. Through their research seminar, Duke students conduct original research in local archives and then mentor eighth graders in how to use technology, particularly the Digital Durham website
My notes
Creating exhibits (hmmm, like my new idea for curating online exhibitions)
Louise is chatting at length on the benefits of the described approach and notes 'audience' as a factor. Yes as with blogging and podding - should we look at addressing the issues associated with student publishing (accuracy copyright and ethics). This should be within remit of DF
She says "very rich iterative process" - yes. Why haven't we got a project like this yet? Oh, Louise continues: "these were English Lit students where the course was on kiddult fiction." It takes me to go stateside virtual to find out about stuff at home...


Blogger Louise said...

er sort of..I suppose

the question was had anyone been involved with this stuff before and I have - but sadly it was at UoS not SHU

I seem to recall Alison Twells in History is big into community history...sounds like an opportunity to me

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