Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hear! Hear! using audio to enhance to enhance the student learning experience through feedback, self-reflection and collaborative learning Part 1

Bob Rotheram (Leeds Met) - Sounds Good, an audio feedback (AF) U&I project
I've communicated with him before on AF work. He's good and wrote something for the SEDA publication recently.
Coursework feedback (x2 formative then summative)
Using MP3 recorders and/or Wimba in Bb. Piggy-backing or connecting to the health students on Jill Taylor's DST/mobile tech at Leeds Met.
Outputs will be guidelines of AF and how to integrate AF technically.
Little activity where he models good AF very well.
Felt like a personal approach. Empathy. Sensitivity. Easy to be patronising. Linearity allowed him to structure the feedback as he wanted (including mark). 4 mins 34 secs. More words than he would write, but in less time.
Only criticism is that this exmple was really well crafted - in reality our AF is much rougher. He says most lecturers will take to this like ducks to water.
He's just reffed our work.
He distributes by email. Hmm not satisfactory. Who has an answer? Someone suggested Ning groups.
Project website: http://www.soundsgood.org.uk, blog and podcast.


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