Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keynote: Learners, learning environments, and classrooms of the future

My wifi went down yesterday and when I hit submit my notes went to some strange parallel universe never to be seen again. The good news is that the reconstructed notes will be briefer.
Looking at the title again I notice that this was a case of let's agree a title months in advance and I'll think about what I'm going to do at the last minute. He was a good presenter but I don't think he brought the right notes!
Essentially he demonstrated that learning and learners are very complex and that our assessment methods are totally inadequate. Rather than leaving us stranded with that thought he discussed baseball (substitute cricket - it worked form me). He showed how cricket has been analysed in minute detail, ball by ball, for years. You'll probably be familiar with the manipulation of statistics that results in wisdom (W) and any number of records that seem to be broken every time England collapse or Australia do whatever it is they do. Now think about TV coverage, multiple cameras, animations, table of figure, names and goodness knows what. He showed a baseball nerds website where similar data was manipulatable by your average fan. A simple game (learning) could be represented in many sophisticated ways for access by admin, teachers and students.
The most interesting thing about this presentation for me is about the effect of intensive blogging on my recall - I remember the point he was making, but I don't remember the details such as the 4 principles and 4 challenges he presented. This episode needs to be recalled in the AI workshop I am doing with Louise, but whether I'll remember...


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