Thursday, June 19, 2008

The impact of read/write web approaches on the curriculum priorities of PG Cert HE students

Richard Hall and Heather Conboy

Richard Hall prefers 'Read/Write' over Web 2.o - so do I.
Students or participants? Participants he says. Yes, that's is much more useful when thinking about integration of such ways of working.
What are the academic implications of these tools?
How can we work on an ongoing basis to integrate these tools?

Context: Reflective, situated, informal/formal practice
They want their academics to be able to make savvy/informed decisions about the use of technology
How can they get a more Connected (as in Siemens) curriculum design?
Their proposed model:
Encourages reflective practitioners to develop an action plan to use various tools, to report back to learning sets and offered Activity-based, Dialogic, PBL, and Modelling, 1-2-1

They tried to connect practitioners into a broader faculty-based network that includes champions with specific areas of knowledge including technical expertise.
e-learning to extend f2f work and student-led learning.
RH notes a tendency for the students to be content-centric and Bloggs and Wikis compound this. Soc Nets however are more 'touchy feely' and may have helped to move away from these content producers inate tendencies!
They've introduced a Ning as a social learning space. But trying to get them to critique each other is like pulling teeth.
Do you need to scaffold this more? - yes, they'll use 3 dedicated case studies.
How can you scaffold the crit process as a safe peer assessment process so that they do get involved online? Maybe model with with papeer exercise first.
Is Blackboard too constraining? Is that why you're using Ning? - to bring in more informal networks (colleagues, friends, etc, etc).
What is thye instutions feelings about using tools outside of Bb? - there's a growing mature across the sector. Adults making adult decisions. They're thinking that a university hosted approach is where they may go.


Blogger Richard Hall said...

Hi Andrew - really enjoyed your session at Warrington last week - pacy and punchy. Good work.

If you fancy a chat about read/write etc sometime that would be grand. I've got a paper being published in 5(3) of e-Learning on The Impact of the Read/Write Web on Learner Agency.

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