Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Closing plenary

There is funding to get people from the Emerge projects into our institutions. I will be contacting Scott Wilson about ARGs and the audio people and possibly the second Life people.
Consider: What thoughts are being invoked by the challenges from the last 24 hours? (Break out)
-----Discussion from group leaders -----
James Farnhill:
A lot on Fb. They are complementary to the inst. We don't have to integrate them and allow for person choice.
I want to express myself in different ways online. Multiple identities are good/OK.
Online Web 2.0 soc net is great, but people see each other in RL everyday. Understand the blend.
How much will studs relate to inst.s? Is this bound to change?

Craig Windruff (?) (Dir of U&I intiative)
Not all studs are tech savvy and so we might still need to look at sharing what the tech savvy are doing with them.
Inst. vs Web 2.0 tools? A lot of debate and no prevailing thought.
People looking for guidance on what, when and how with Web 2.0 tools rather than being led by a simple 'fashion' approach.
The apps all have different cultures and we need to be aware of that (and devlop staff about this?)
Attitude should be "Not roll out of technology but roll in of users."
IPR and copyright is a minefield where we're all going to be sued! (Web2rights toolkit?)
Rob ? (I was in this group and his feedback sounded very different to discussion):
Enjoyed the networking opportnity. Eyes well and truely opened. Went in to sessions cynical but came out more enlightened.
There's capacity in the techs we have that are not being fully exploited.
How do we (individuals and insts) support and operate in a diffused set of systems?
How can we aggregate or manage communications? And audit it if necessary?
We need to develop DF in students and staff in order to cope with the complexity of the opportunities (that was me :-))
Beta World requires constant learning in all our job descriptions.
Funders have false friends and future enemies but JISC are promoting deep thinking in this community.
Lawrie Phipps
Next Gen Env 3 event next year - evaluate, implementation and effect of the U&I programme. Good solid stuff that will transfer. Good modelling (10/11 March 2009).


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