Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holyrood Park: a virtual campus for Edinburgh - Hamish McCleod, University of Edingburgh

This talk is from the inside - a constructivist perspective.
SL offers: social activity > reflection > surprise (disequilibrium) > new learning.
It's like and unlike RL - that's useful. It's not a game but playful.
They have an island and a project around it: Vue (Virtual University of Edinburgh).
Posting photos from RL using mobile phones sent into SL where they are mounted on surfaces.
So you could have students collecting images to discuss in SL (his example unknown plants to be discussed by plant students!).
  • redefining learning spaces - physical and virtual
  • highlighting active learning (stud gen)
  • highlighting issues of identity
  • learning as becomong - safety adopting professional identities
Issues for us:
legal - inst/provider relationship
  • data processor or data controller
  • risk assessment and guidance; liability
system requirements
  • processor
  • bandwidth
  • etc

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Blogger gs said...

"It's like and unlike RL - that's useful. It's not a game but playful."

- that's an interesting point - i'm always surprised when people don't think real life can be playful...(she said superficially)

also, i'm probably completely missing the point of this, but i can't see how posting photos from mobile phones to SL is different to doing the same thing within ***** [insert name of a generic photo storing and social networking site of your choice]?

7:40 AM  
Blogger Andrew Middleton said...

Yes - see notes later on Downes hype busting. SL can do, but not always half as good as other methods

7:52 AM  

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