Thursday, July 06, 2006

Media Interventions

Mediia Interventions
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I presented on Media Interventions today at Diverse 2006. The photo is of me in action taken on my mobile and sent as a text attachment to Flickr and then this blog entry via Flickr to Blogger.
Yes this is relevant. So this process can be used by user producers too either using stills in Flickr or video in YouTube.
Keith Radley took the pic. He presented later on Users As Producers.
The session went well. Things were running late due to a massive over-run this morning. My task was to introduce MIs, and report back on two applications: Nick Nunnington's Blackboard Nugget and Sally Bradley's use of the idea to support her teaching.
The most important thing for me has been having the time over the last day or so to devote to ideas I kicked off some time ago (Audio) and those ideas developed more recently with Nick on the Nuggets. As a consequence my conviction to develop the idea further has developed and on the train journey home tomorrow I will do precisely that as I build upon what I have learnt over the last few days before running an MI session for the ACES faculty at SHU.


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